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Friday, November 23, 2007
So I'm goin' against orders and freeing Black Widow from the League of Assassins. And none of the agents that are loyal to me are even here, Mirai, and Goten, are taking out a HYDRA cabal in New Mexico. the rest are with them. Well except one.

Red Hood. I'm so screwed. At least that's what I thought until that saiyan Green Lantern girl popped up. " God! Leave me alone!" Todd shouts.

" Girl Problems agent?"

" Yeah this one's nuts and won't take a hint."

" I'm not crazy!" She protests. "It's just... i think your cute and want to go out on a date is all."

" And I said no!" He screams. " look I don't know how long I can even stay in the Universe. Stupid Bob taking me to all these other realities lookin' for damned Ray Palmer! I just saw a Vampire Batman for Pete's sake!"

" Ok. So do you think I'm ugly or something?" The girl asks.

" No. the whole Blue haired half alien thing is cute and all, It's best if I don't have any connections."

This is interesting and all but I have to stop it. " hey Kid! Wanna help Agent Todd and me on a mission?"

She looks at me suspiciously. " I don't have to register do I?"

" No. Your under protection from your dad. So whattya say?"

She shrugs. " Okay."

" Nick what are you doing? " Todd drags me away from the kid, girl, not sure that would do any good, some aliens have super hearing.

" She's a power house and that ring could really help. besides a saiyan is leading these guys. What's wrong ? She not your type or something?"

"Well she is coming on a little strong. " He next mumbled. " Maybe Raven will know how to get rid of her..."

" Raven? What another girlfriend Todd? Jeez I got ya all wrong thinkin' you were a one note psycho all this time. "

" So glad my personal life is a source of amusement General let's go and get the Widow please. Though she can't remember my name for some reason. Keeps calling me Damien. I kinda like her. "

" No Jason Nat can't join the little harem you seem to be starting up." I joke.

But soon the time for joking is gone. Looks like Tash, escaped and sent SHIELD, her coordinates. They were in all things an amusement park. I Me and Jason shot or way though a bunch of ninjas Todd seems to enjoy that a little too much.

The girl blasts them out of the way. " Ninjas are such pests." She states.

Finally after fighting our way through multiple deathtraps. We reach the inside, and Tash is fighting with all her strength, against some blonde in a mask. it looked like. Widow looked like she'd been through Hell.

I stick a gun at the saiyan boy. " You are under arrest."

He smirks. " Right..."

He was across the room and a second later he was right in front of me. He crushes me gun damn Adamantium Bullets can't work if ya can't shoot them. Hood gets off one shot, before he gets a kick in the gut.

" Ah. Uncle Jason, the first black sheep in the Bat family. I guess I'm carrying on your legacy in a way. "

" Your insane!" Jason accuses. " I've heard all the stories about you supposed to be Cass' son. I think it's just some scam to get her to keep trying to protect you."

The saiyan smirks. " If that's true how come I can read your body language and see that your trying to distract me so you can get that dagger of yours and try to stab me. "Cain tosses Red hood across the hall but oddly doesn't kill him while he's down.

He ends up getting slammed by a big green hammer. " Ok Nephew!This time your I'm not holding back on you." Vella shouts before the ring states. " O.1 % power left."

" What the? On no! I forgot to refuel it!"

Cain Laughs. " Good. That thing is getting annoying Auntie. Oh don't go in your fighting stance. You only have a year of training. I've been trained since I could walk by several masters including my mom. You'd never be able to win Aunt Vella, and truthfully I don't want to hurt you. You always gave the best Christmas gifts. But if the only way to avoid a family battle is to give up the Widow then fine take her and leave!"

His female companion shrieks. " No! You know what she did to me!"

" And that likely won't happen now Vendetta!" Cain snarls. " And if it does, Fury will rue this day!"

" But I liked Fury! He doesn't deserve to be betrayed by that witch!" 'Vendetta' growls.

" And if this fight goes on I'll have to kill Aunt Vella, Fury or maybe Jason! Would that be any better for you? Or maybe it won't Be me but any other member of the LoA! Let's just cut our losses now." Then he grins. "You can always have a chance for revenge later."

They walk into what looks like a window but it was some kind of portal thing Todd tries running in after them and bumps his head on it." Damn it!"

" Forget it Jason, We're here illegally anyway I don't think we could get any charges to stick we got what we came for let's get out of here."

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