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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Some anonymous source gave us all this data on a massive infiltration of Skrulls in SHIELD. I bet it's the same guy who's behind those costumed idiots breaking into SHIELD bases.

Doesn't truly matter, what matters is any doubt that this isn't a full scale invasion has been thrown out the window. Whlie the "source" thinks the Skrulls were making a meta human army, The science boys here at SHIELD, say they developing other powers besides shape shifting, and using Earth grown capes to do it.

We're weeding out all the Skrulls But I need all my soldiers to do so, Black Widow, and Red hood are not answering their communicators. Looking through all the security camera I couldn't find' Tash, but I found 'Hood outside base arguing with a kid that looked like Superboy with a different costume.

I turned on the sound. “Hey nut ball! You were with my girl!" The Superboy lookin' kid shouts.

Todd grins. “Your girl? I think she has something to say about that besides it's a little early to get territorial isn't it? You had a few dates. All’s fair in love and war clone of a clone."

This saiyan girl flies in between them, I think Saiyaman's daughter. “You two idiots are trespassing on my turf. And I'm going to crush you both for putting your hands on Vella."

The two boys eyes bug out. I just chomp my cigar. Man this dating stuff is a lot moe complicated than when I was their age. But I don't give a damn about Todd's love life I just want the super kids to not kill him.

I call up a cape killer battalion, and lead them outside. Damn It Jason; if you weren't such an efficient killer, I'd have thrown you Into the Initiative training camp just get rid of you.

Then again I'd probably find The Taskmaster's head in a duffel bag right after I did that. When we get outside I see the oddest thing, The Superboy look a like fighting like he was sick. He misses ‘Hood with a punch and gets smacked in the face with crowbar. " Combo breaker!" Todd shouts.

I look down, and see a green rock on the ground. Where the Hell did Bat Boy get Kryptonite? And on the other side is one of Stark's toys that sends a supersonic pulse that Saiyan, and Kryptonian's ears bleed.

“He hits the Saiyan with his crowbar, “Three hit Combo!" He then gets this evil grimace on face." The Red Hood wins Fatality." He takes out the gun I know has Adamantium bullets in the chamber.

“Hood! Stand down!" I order. “I’m sending you into the field get your gear and wait for my orders !"

He salutes “Sir yes Sir!" Then as he walks away after grabbing the K rock, and sonic device he wipes blood of the crowbar. Adamantium crowbar, best gift ever, I almost feel bad for everything I said about Robin."

I glare at the two alien human hybrids, " Now what am I going to do with you? Maybe I should toss you both into the Negative Zone?"

The clone boy grunts. " Cadmus said the Registration Act is on hold..."

“Yes boy but Cadmus is a government facility, And you're not the original Superboy that broke all ties with the project which means you're technically my soldier. "

The saiyan girl laughs. “I’m a saiyan not bound by your rules."

I grin “But you are bound by your king's and I really want to see the look on his face when I tell him why you attacked a SHIELD Agent."

“Well if it works out he'd eventually have to accept it. "

I roll my eye. “You know you are talking about a guy that once threw a fast food clown, and a car through a window because they got his egg mcmuffin wrong But if you leave now ,and leave Agent Red Hood alone you can just go with a warning you too clone boy."

The two leave, after putting Hood, with a group that’ll invade a Skrull base i go back to looking for Tash. She's no where on base weird. Then this voice comes over the the squawk box. “General Fury Sir? Black Zero has been broken out of the Vault along with several other Supervillians."

Great this on top of everything else.

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Red Hood's a Skrull!

It all makes sense now.

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