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Monday, February 19, 2007
trials of emotion
I manage to return to the courtroom and As I am sitting here listening to this Creed… This is hurting my case and I am thinking I need a drink…

After the fight breaks out … My lawyer then looks around and says, "Well if the truth doesn’t reveal itself… I move to strike Mr. Creed's testimony as he set it up so he could escape, as you well see.."

At that I saw many nodding their heads in agreement….

Then My lawyer says, "I would like to call Logan back to the scan…."

Logan walks up obviously in pain…. Seems he and Vegeta has been fighting…. Again…

"Mr. Logan, I would like you to read something out loud to the room…" He says as I notice him twitch nervously at the door I turned and then tried to get Tony's attention …..

"Mr. Danvers please do not distract the inquiry." Fury stated… I turned from 2 people I knew were not SHIELD agents… They had the look of… weapon x….

"Logan you can read can't you.." Mr. TO Hell stated to draw Logan's attention away from the men…

"Yeah bub I can… It says….Paternity test results…. Simon Williams, that is wonder I cant get nun over there….." He stopped….. reading silently, his face turning….

"Mr. Logan?" My lawyer stated…. Logan flashed an angry look at him…

He then yelled in Logan's face.. I was thinking big mistake… "Where were you just before the hearing, some 30 minutes ago Logan!!!!"

Logan popped his claws out causing Hugo to back up and Fury and Tony to stand….

"As we entered today, Jen said she got the clearance foe a paternity test.." Logan said

Hugo handed Jen the paper… "This is the results you handed me is it not?"

She had hopped that showing it was Simon's baby would help her, though I didn’t know why. Since Simon claimed he and I slept together….

"It is..:" Jen said looking a bit defeated…

He returned to Logan, "And who does it say the father is Mr. Logan?"

Logan grounded his teeth as he was wanting to bite Mr. To Hell's head off, "MINE!"

The courtroom gasp….. I sighed with relief…. I heard the door shut… I turned to see the men from weapon x had left….. My lawyer then got in Fury's face, "Colonel.. You have no evidence… All you have done is violate my client's rights.. I have suggested that ," His voiced raised for the papers and for the nearly invisible big heads of behind SHIELD that moves like whispers in the back behind the one way mirrored window, "SHE SUES SHIELD," he returns to Fury, "but she doesn’t want to.. She loves her job and work…. And what has SHIELD done in return? They have drug this poor woman's love life before the press… Flaunting that she slept with both Logan, her true love that used her, " He looked at Lois Lane first, whom seemed not at all impressed, then to another female reporter, Ginger (something) than glared at Fury like he was a woman beater or worse, "and the weakened moment of a desperate broken heart wondering what she was going to do…. " He turned back to Fury, "and on what bases Colonel? Stolen cure that has been found to be misplaced not stolen… a video feed that doesn't exist for us to read.. The word of a man who used her, impregnated her and then dumped her….. and the criminal….who wanted to escape.."

He sighed and titled his head, "Colonel.. no one has asked if it is possible Creed got the cure via other means… The answer I am told is yes… A fact SHIELD doesn’t…" He turned playing to the reports snapping shot after shot… "Know"

"MR. To Hell… You have made your point…" Fury said looking at a man that was more or less a shadowed silhouette… the man motioned a kill, slit across the throat hand gesture and Fury lowered his head…. "The inquiry is over… There will be no further action and this will not show on Ms Danvers record…"

He then left disappearing with the shadow and Miss Romanova… Reports swarmed

Mr. To Hell and Tony both helped me past the swarm saying in unison, "no comment.."

Logan in front of everyone jumped up in was in my face.. Ginger signaled her cameraman to get the shot….

"Now I know the baby is mine, I will take it! I will not let someone who deals with animals and criminals raised any child of mine…" He had his claws out and pointed at Tony and Hugo but the photo that came out later looked as if he was attacking me….

Anna was pulling Logan away and I and Tony with Mr. To hell was rushed away… When finally we were back alone and in private at Tony Stark's apartment I had the moment to be happy….

I was pregnant with Logan's baby…

"Carol…. Don't….I…..I needed to discredit the claim…. Mr. To Hell has resources to sway doctors and lab techs to ….. Carol the results are fake…." Tony looked at me…. I at him with tears, somehow I knew….
To Hell had one of his lackeys switch the names on the vials of blood… Placing Logan's name on Simon's blood and vice versa

The Lawyer stood, "remember that will be double my retainer.. good news is the results, no will ever know the name on the blood tests were switched…. But they can still do another blood test however after Logan's display I am sure I can prevent it while you are pregnant…. When the baby comes out looking more like Simon than Logan .. well… and legally they can not bring this back up"

He left… I cried.. It was too late to rid myself of the baby though, honestly I didn’t agree with abortions but….. She, he, it was already moving….

"I have to meet Mr. Briefs at his home… Come to my penthouse… We will talk about your future.." Tony said with a reassuring kiss….

I left, I was so distracted I didn’t realize….. the bag over my head, the needle in my arm…. All went black….

[Hours later, Wolverine gets a call…. "Just wanted to say.. thanks as for the blond… she is bleeding to death in a dirty hotel in crime city…. Save her or not makes no different to us…." ]

I woke disorientated… I touched my belly… my baby was gone…. Stolen!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blogger cooltopten Testified...

omg your baby got stolen :(. hell have no fury for a womens scorned.

Blogger Nightwing Testified...

Who would do something that sick? Not even Simon would stoop that low! Maybe Creed?

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